About Me


Having returned after 6 years abroad, I came home to a South Africa that I missed and always loved – a lot had changed and there was anger and some resentment in many people that I came across. So with my love for film and the camera, I started making short funny clips about day to day life experiences. Very soon everyone around me encouraged me to create a platform for these clips and so DEVDONDIDIT was born. I am passionate about all things South African especially the people and I incorporate this into all of my videos. I am also a family man so that in its own allows me great material to create the funny and connect with my fellow South Africans, here and abroad.

I’m easy going and ambitious with a drive to succeed in everything I endeavour or that comes my way.

My female alter ego, Felicia, pretty much has her own fan following and is featured in most of my videos.


My followers is as diverse as South Africa.

With roughly 180 000 followers across the various social media platforms including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and a 400+ mailing list. The demographics are best reported from Facebook Analytics.

One demographic, however, that is not represented is young children. This is really only captured by comments from parents stating their kids watch my videos and then, when out at events, I see a large following of kids as young as 2 years old.

The age groups that my stats show as highly interactive, will definitely be the target market for most industries being 18 – 60 years of age.

Facebook followers: 141 308

Instagram followers: 25 632

Youtube Subscribers: 12 271

Twitter followers: 1 378


Consumers want to feel connected to brands and their stories. Devdondidit goes the extra mile to create a link between your products or services and it’s target market.